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Maybe We’re Not Meant to Be Productive


Everything about my life lately has had this incredibly accelerated pace. Every hour is hyper-saturated with urgent tasks, to-dos, actions to be taken. It’s as though somehow, I’m holding myself to the same standards that I expect from the technology I use daily for work, entertainment, and communication:Always on, always at the ready...

Motivation and social validation


I’ve been thinking a great deal about motivation this weekend how it ties into the questions we’ve been asking about productivity and purpose, creativity and building a body of work that lasts. Motivation is a tremendous force. It’s the reason we do things.The source of compulsion, the origination of purpose, the impetus. Next to language, I...

Worship Scheduling


I get asked all the time how we do our worship scheduling at New Life. Planning Center has become a lifesaver for us all…. Usually around the 15th of the month I will send out a reminder to our worship teams to block out any dates that they are not available to be scheduled for worship team. I typically wait a few days for people to lock in...