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Running is an activity that cannot be overstated in terms of making people’s lives more meaningful. You might ask why I would go to such extent, well because that is the truth. Recent studies shows that there is a direct link with happiness and exercise. Running is probably the most common form of exercise more widely used by people than any other next to walking. The reason why someone runs or does any particular exercise activity can be many. It could be because he wants to wear his own six pack abs, he wants to shave some extra fat and a person wants to have a better overall figure. If running is done often enough the person can put a check-mark on any of those then he can be happy correct? It turns out that is just half of the story. The advancements of technology have enabled us to take a peek at even the most basic of our bodily functions.

When a person exerts energy towards physical activities like running, endorphins are released to the body; the same ones that are excreted when we are happy. So anytime you want to feel instant gratification, go ahead, just run.

The problem
Knee pain running is a phrase that often gets thrown around because of how often it occurs on the world of professional athletes. How many career ending injury related to knee problems have we seen shatter the career of our favorite player? The bad thing is that it can affect all of us if we’re not careful. Athletes just happens to put themselves in situations where is more likely to occur because that’s where their job is.

Why it happens?

The knee gets overused – over time this is the usually the main reason why athletes suffer from it more. Normal folks usually don’t have to trouble themselves with this this cause.
Direct Trauma – when your knee get in contact with a direct blow, it’s easy to figure what the result would be.

Flat foot – the problem with running when you’re flat footed is that there is more impact occurring during your every stride compared to the normal one. This shortens the durability of the tendons and tissues because of the abnormal amount of stress with your every step.

How would it feel?

  • You would feel pain behind the kneecap.
  • Every time you do something that involves bending the knee it hurts.
  • Swelling or fluids gets accumulated.
  • You get the feeling that there is grinding in the knee area.

How to prevent

  • Strengthen you thigh muscles.
  • Make sure you do stretching before any strenuous physical activity involving running.
  • There is something called orthotics which you slide as padding in your shoes to try to correct being flat footed.
  • Slowly make your way towards more workload of physical activity. Example: If you plan to enlist on your first 10k run, it would be a much better idea to try out the 5k run first.
  • When you’ve already had the injury, wear a knee brace.

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