My First Week Alone

Thanks John sharing this post.

After a crazy move-in experience, I have officially been on my own for a week!

What I attempted to do in one day turned into a full week of moving. The very first thing that happened was it rained. And by rain, I mean torrential pour down. Due to the rain, the people that were supposed to help me had to cancel and so it was me and my mom moving boxes in for a bit. When I first arrived to pick up my keys, the person working the desk did not have access to them, so it was a little anxiety filled wait for those. Upon entering the apartment, we found that the glass sliding door was broken the handle was not even attached. Good thing there was the Charlie lock, but part of that was broken as well. Fortunately, they were able to fix this within a couple hours. I was able to try the emergency maintenance process out and they did a fabulous job (Hopefully, there will be no more emergency maintenance work that will need to be done).

Due to the difficult day I was having, my mom took me to lunch. This really helped me be able to calm down a bit. In all retrospect, it really was just me lugging all my items, up the stairs, into my apartment. My mom tried to help me, but with the humidity and the steepness of the stairs, she wasnt able to do much, but for everything she was able to do, I was super grateful it was one less thing I had to carry up myself. (My mom has bi-lateral vocal cord paralysis which makes it very difficult to breathe I will share about this at a later time). While we were at lunch, she talked with my dad about how stressed I was and he took off the afternoon to help me bring my things over well most of my things. I was so grateful for this and on one trip I had all my clothes, most of my furniture and other items loaded and unloaded with in a hour and a half. My dad is Amazing! He really wanted me to have a good move-in day because he didnt have one moving into his first solo apartment. (Side note the apartment complex I am in, is the same one my did lived in about 30 years ago!) Due to not being able to bring my bed over because of the rain and for heading to Dallas the next morning for the weekend, I stayed at my parents, but was able, with the help of a friend, to unpack and get my kitchen organized.

Monday and Tuesday, my brother helped me bring over the rest of my furniture minus the monster couch. Tuesday Night, was my first night to sleep in my apartment. It was a very crazy experience, because I knew that it was just going to be me for now on, until I get married. It is a cool thing to call a place mine, but to actually experience it for the first time was a little overwhelming. I do suffer with anxiety, pretty much daily, but most times I am able to talk myself through it or pray through it, but my first night it did take a lot of time calming myself down. The silence really got to me. In all my life, I have never lived in a quiet house my parents had 3 kids under 3, we were energetic little kids. So naturally the past week, my TV or radio has been on in the background while I am at my apartment. If anyone know how to combat and become content with silence, please let me know. It is getting easier, I fall asleep to a movie, but can turn the TV off when I wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep, I just cant fall asleep initially when there is not any noise in the background.

Friday the last day of school, I was able to leave work early due to having Volleyball Camp the past two weeks after school, oh yeah, add to the craziness of my week, Moving, Volleyball Camp, and last week of school, why did I do this to myself; but I was able to leave early, and my brother and dad was able to help get my Sleeper Coach into my apartment. It was a huge struggle, but we did it! (I have decided that the next time I move I am going to hire people to move my items for me it is not worth what I did to save money.

When I was in Dallas, I was able to get some furniture from IKEA and this weekend I was able to put it together. I really love how my entertainment center is coming along and for that matter, the whole place. I have loads to do, but it is all coming together. I have other experiences that I will share later about this first week, but I think I am going to love living by myself and holding movie nights and festivity parties.

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