Water Saving Tips at Home


People should understand that water is a scarce resource and should therefor take first priority in proper consumption and storage of water. Not all corners of the earth have enough water but people do survive because of adaptation and skills on how to preserve water.

Learn to store water. Water storage is a greater way of saving water. It is beneficial to people living in low based water regions. People can save rainfall water from their roofs to their tanks. Storage of water also helps reducing water shortages. Tanks should be as large as possible to store maximum water.

Use the minimum time in the shower. Showers contribute a lot to our water loss problem since people tend to take long time showering forgetting that water is scarce. Minimize your shower time to about 4 minutes or less to conserve water.

Learn to water your plants when the sun is not too hot. Watering of plants during the day is a waste of resource since the sun dries up the water at a first rate. Water your plants during the noon time or early mornings before the sun rises.

Do not leave taps running. Water should be conserved since it is a scarce resource. Avoid leaving the tap open during brushing your teeth. Do not let any single drop of water waste.
Inspect your pipes often so as to check any leakages or damages on the pipe. This will help conserve water by a large percentage. Most water is wasted during pipe leakages since it is not easily observed. Often inspection of pipes will enable you save enough water.

Use appliances such as water meters to regulate you usage. Water meters enables you to know how many cubic metre of water you consume and how to minimise. It is only when you know how much water you use that you will know measures on how to save water. Water meter also helps in finding out water leakages by calculating the amount water used.

Water your plants and grass using a watering can. Watering can provides a good aim on the plants you want to water unlike the irrigation pump where it may spill water where inappropriate. Watering can is encouraged because the volume of water as used as compared to hosepipe is much less.

Use tankless water heaters in your bathroom or kitchen, this kind of water heater heats water directly without the use of a storage tank. They are more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters. Find the gas or electric tankless hot water heater for your home and lifestyle.

Proper preserving of water sources. Rivers, dams, wells should be proper taken care since their ability to withhold water is to our advantage. Lower level of water in dams and wells may cause water rationing which also leads to extra cost in water bills. We should reduce level of irrigation during summer seasons.

Ensure that running water is not used for rinsing during washing utensils. It will be water saving when you just fill a basin with clean water from the tap and rinse your utensils from there. It is cost friendly and also enables you to use water efficiently.

Ensure that your bathroom is installed water saving shower heads. This will minimize the rate of shower water flow in your shower. Few minutes spent in the shower and you will save around 40% of daily water usage in your home.

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