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I get asked all the time how we do our worship scheduling at New Life. Planning Center has become a lifesaver for us all…. Usually around the 15th of the month I will send out a reminder to our worship teams to block out any dates that they are not available to be scheduled for worship team. I typically wait a few days for people to lock in their block out dates and then I will start the scheduling process. A lot of churches use the auto scheduling feature, but for worship team that can get complicated with getting the right mix of people scheduled together (or not scheduled together…). So, I use an excel spreadsheet like the one below to do a rough draft of the schedule before entering it into Planning Center. This helps see the big picture of the month (and helps me not forget anyone) before throwing names in Planning Center.

Excel Template I use before inputing into planning center:

1. First, I print out the block out date calendar from Planning Center.

2. I start with worship leaders first and then schedule each individual position for the month. Most of the time I will get input from our worship leaders, band producer, and worship coordinator on who to schedule when and where.

3. Once this rough draft is finished, I then send it out to our lead team to look over it for any potential conflicts or concerns. Once I get the ok from everyone I enter it into Planning Center. 99.9% of the time it will end up changing again by the time I start entering it into Planning Center and 100% of the time I will get decline’s from people who forgot to block out their dates….this is VERY frustrating, but it’s part of working with people J Our team has gotten a lot better at blocking out dates, but life still happens and we do our best to switch things around, but sometimes someone might not get scheduled for the month if they forget to block out their dates.

4. I do the scheduling for our Renton Campus and the worship leaders for our other campus’ (and youth – LIFT & AXIS) do their own scheduling. We have a few people that cross over between our Main Service and our youth venues which can sometimes be a challenge. I used to do the schedule for Mains and then let the youth do theirs, but we recently changed that and we all do our own scheduling process.

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